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WordPress has long been known as an outstanding blogging platform, but it has evolved to become a full featured content management system, perfect for powering any type of website. With it’s ease of use, powerful features on the back end and tons of plug ins, more businesses are transitioning to the WordPress platform than ever before.

WordPress sites offer fast load times on most browsers and in this day and age that is a good thing. Visitors no longer want to wait for sluggish websites to load and are liking to click away from your site if made to wait. WordPress’ streamlined code helps in this process and there are tons of WordPress plug-ins to also help speed up load times.

The WordPress back end is easy to use and will allow several team members to successfully update a website on the fly. Multiple users can be assigned to the back end of the site and you can even grant specific access levels. No more waiting for a specific person to make changes.
WordPress acts as the ‘engine’ for your website, allowing you to change designs and layout at any time, without having to recreate all of your website content again. And, should you ever decide to switch hosts, it’s fully portable.
WordPress is extremely search engine friendly, which makes your site easier to find in a sea of competitors. It’s coding is consistent and streamlined, without excessive HTML, that Google looks very favorably on for indexing. And, the WordPress platform offers tons of great SEO optimization plug-ins, making it easier than ever before for website owners to take control of their own search engine optimization efforts.
Because WordPress is browser based, you can log in from any internet connected computer, tablet or even smartphone, to make changes and manage your site. No HTML editing or confusing FTP software is needed. Make updates to your site from anywhere you happen to be at the time, as long as you have internet access.
While you certainly don’t have to maintain a blog on a WordPress site, it certainly can help in terms of SEO. With WorPress the capabilities are already built right into the platform. It offers easy setup to get your blog up and running. You can easily start a blog at anytime and give visitors options such as email subscriptions to your blog and commenting, if you like.